Chris also undertakes

bespoke educational theatre projects

designed to suit interpretative and curricular requirements.

Just Three Words

The heartfelt tale of Albert Johnson who joins up with the LDV in 1940

Arthur Walker’s Great War

It is little comfort to Mrs Walker to receive a letter describing her son as ‘a credit to his mother,’ when it also reports him missing

Sunny South Sam

A Southern Railway guard entices you to the southern coast where the sun shines most

The Railway King

The rise and fall of George Hudson of York

Meet the Butler

Know your place in the Victorian social order

A Victorian Classroom

Learn the 3 R’s using dip pens, slates

and primers

What the Dickens!

Charles Dickens’ own insights into first and third class rail travel




A Christmas Carol by

Charles Dickens

The evergreen classic


Brunel’s Billiard Table

The story of an engineering genius, as told

by himself

Olaf’s Tales of Battle

Hear of Harald Hardrada’s Viking victory at Fulford but defeat at Stamford Bridge in 1066





Chris Cade is a freelance actor & storyteller in educational theatre

TELEPHONE: 01757 248534

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